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Marianne Mettler -Tibor Foeldes

Marianne Mettler

Marianne Mettler, Master of Arts

Audio / Visual / Art
Conceptual Art
Stage Direction

Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Painting and sculpture study at Cambridge. Masters at "Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst" (Academy for Music and Performing Arts) in Vienna. Swiss Art Prize winner. Head arts organizer for Swiss contribution at the Prague Quadrennial.

Active as stage designer for opera, musical and theater, including:

"Die Tote Stadt" by Korngold. 
"Die weisse Rose" by Udo Zimmermann for the Aachen Theater and the Klagenfurt City Theater.
"Il Prigioniereo" by Luigi Dallapiccola for Semperdepot in Vienna.
Musical productions including "Catherine", at Aachen Theater, the rock musical "Cybrella" and "Tut-en-chamun" in Vienna, "Eulenspiegel – Schabernack über Schabernack", at the Maria Enzersdorfer Nestory Festival.
Design for "Ring der Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner for the Sydney Opera House.
Work on Richard Wagner led to a series of paintings on the subject.

Group and solo exhibitions such as at Kornhaus in Bern, Design Museum and Gallery Widmer & Theodoridis Contemporary Art in Zurich, Gallery Léhar in Vienna, Gallery Aktivarte in Männedorf, Kunstraum Kehlhof in Stäfa, Paradox Zurich Projects, Center for Digital Art in L.A.
The short film "Also gut es reicht" co-produced with Massimo Della Monica was shown at festivals in Munich and Paris.
Gallery Widmer & Theodoridis Contemporary Art in Zurich included the video in an installation on the theme "Heaven and Hell".

Her short films have been shown successfully in Munich, Rome, Freiburg im Breisgau, Graz and Zurich among other places.

Main interests lie in the genres art-documentary and art-video.

In her work she combines photography, video, projection, music and text fragments, as well as dramatic light shows. Her visions, often reward winning, guide us on a journey through inner and outer solitude. 


Tibor Foeldes

Tibor Foeldes (Dipl. Ing. Arch./SIA)

Production Design

Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Study of architecture in Pressburg, Prague and Budapest. In recent years  freelance work in production and set design. Winner of numerous awards, including the Budapest Art Award. Europe-wide work as locations manager for internationally known photographers, advertising agencies and affiliated groups such as Daimler Chrysler, Scania and Microsoft.

Work over many years together with conceptual artist Marianne Mettler in technical and design areas for opera, theater and musical productions, including "Die weisse Rose" for the Klagenfurt and Aachen Theaters, "Il prigioniero" for Semperdepot in Vienna, as well as the musical "Catherine" at the Aachen Theater. Tibor Foeldes also works in the field of stage mechanics with Mr Kottke of BWKI, Bayreuth, for the Europe and overseas.


Above all active as architect and photographer in Central Europe, specialized in historical architecture.

Creative expression is reflected in his interior architecture through the concerted combination of old and new, and nuances in color and light design. His style is clearly recognized in interior design contracts such as for the Gutenstein Castle near Vienna, bar & restaurant "Steak Point" in Vienna and "Bar Koliba" in Pressburg. Has designed in addition Mozart theme features for various hotels in Salzburg and Vienna, and the redevelopment of the Napoleon Museum at the Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna.

Involved as production designer in several historical films, i.e., "Golden Age of Transylvania", "Frankenstein`s Aunt", "Sieben auf einmal". Locations and production for the Films of Marianne Mettler, Arteforico Suisse, including "Carl Lutz – A life dedicated for the others", "The Cooked Passion" and various trailers from the Arteforico Group.

The origins of Tibor Foeldes' creative journey lies in analog photography. Experimenting with techniques and materials in his own laboratories, his fascination lay in the documentary. Growing up behind the Iron Curtain he traced with his photographic eye the development and life in former parts of the monarchy of Bohemia to the Ukraine and from Poland to Croatia. With the introduction of digital photography he embraced color. Merging his interdisciplinary skills as architect, interior designer and set designer, he places photographic accent on the contemplation of architecture as transparent object fused with light, projection and color.